While intended to simplify the check-in process, we found that guests had trouble printing their room keys.


Marriott's mobile key allows guests to skip the line and directly unlock their rooms. While some Marriott properties invested in this IT infrastructure, others looked for a less cost-intensive, intermediary solution. For a few weeks during my Graduate Design Strategy internship, I focused on these interactions. Our team tested the option for guests to print their room keys using the mobile app and a kiosk in the hotel lobby.


1. Guests had limited instructions on how to print their room keys.
2. They did not know to look for a kiosk in the lobby.
3. Upon locating the kiosk, guests were unclear as to how it worked.
4. To print a key, guests needed to go through a series of steps.
5. They did not receive instruction around many of these steps until arriving at the kiosk.
6. Guests needed to install the app, join Marriott rewards, connect their accounts, enable bluetooth, etc.
7. Without this knowledge in advance, the interaction became tedious.


I conducted observations and intercepts with guests across Marriott properties around their check-in experience.

I compiled key research findings and translated them into strategy.

I developed recommendations on redesigning the service, information architecture, wireframes, digital, and physical interfaces.




Journey map

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